Developing Developments

Banner Homes is a premium house builder that builds homes with a property value of £1m and over. They asked us to create an interactive digital brochure that would bring their printed development brochures to life.

Complete Interaction

We have created a portfolio of digital brochures for Banner Homes and will continue to build on it. Every new development has it’s own digital brochure, complete with interactive content such as embedded video.

Available on All Devices

The clientele that Banner Homes market their properties to are more likely to be iPad and iPhone users. That meant it was of paramount importance for their digital brochure to work across all platforms.View on any device

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Fine Art Catalogue

Beckford Fine Art provides a consultancy service to artists who wish to develop their profiles by setting up fine art exhibitions. We were asked to create a digital catalogue for all exhibitions to showcase the artists work.

Fully Interactive

Each artist has their own profile in the digital catalogue. We made sure each page links to the artist’s website and has an email pop up to contact them directly. We also built a digital artist index for a better user experience.

On Every Device

Over 60% of visits to Beckford’s website is via tablets and smartphones. We made sure that the digital catalogue is designed to work on every device so nobody misses an opportunity to see the work being offered.View on any device

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Redecorating A Brand

FH Harvey is a commercial decorator that works on complex projects. Their desire to have a digital brochure was inspired by their ambition to do things differently and stand out from their competition.

Cost Effective

Harvey wanted a fully branded digital brochure that was an extension of their printed brochure. They are fiercely competitive so wanted a cost effective way of sending out their brochures to win new contracts.

View on any device

As many of the clients Harvey looks to attract spend time on site, the majority of them are smartphone and tablet users. We made sure Harvey had no problem reaching them where others can’t.View in App Store

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world first _for web

Stand Out

World First deal in foreign exchange and like to do things that stand out from the crowd. They asked us to design digital brochures that their sales team could send to new clients rather than posting printed brochures.

Get An Edge

Having digital brochures in their arsenal means the sales team can give new clients a brochure there and then. That means World First beat their competition to the punch and get the edge over them in their new deals.

Worth Every Penny

World First also wanted a “cool but functional” way of showing off their Stats and figures using animation and including their library of engaging videos. So we built a digital brochure that’s worth a fortune in any currency.View on desktop

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