Completely Interactive

An iPad brochure app is the perfect way to give your customers a superior experience by combining the beauty of your printed brochures with the imagination and interaction of the iPad.

Totally Engaging

Animation, video, 360° product views, pinch and zoom images and extensive image galleries are all great features that we’ll include in your iPad brochure app.

Absolutely Limitless

Whilst they look beautiful, printed brochures are limited by the space available and the layout of the page. An iPad brochure app has no limits allowing for more creative freedom.Create your app with us

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Go Mobile

An iPad brochure app is the perfect way to engage with your increasingly mobile clientele. They have access to your iPad brochure app with no requirement for an internet connection.

Brand Engagement

Your iPad brochure app will always be on your customer’s iPad home screen. That means they subconsciously engage with your brand every time they use it.

Reduce Postage

Any updates or new brochures can be sent to your customers as push notifications. That significantly reduces the cost of posting new brochures to every single customer.Create your app with us

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iPad brochure app



Increase Brand Value

An iPad brochure app increases the value of your brand to your customers but significantly reduces your print cost. That means both you and your customers win.

A Different Way

An iPad brochure app can either replace your printed brochures or compliment them perfectly. How you market your iPad brochure app is completely up to you.

Ahead of the Curve

By 2015, more people will own an iPad than a laptop. That means this generation expects to have engaging and interactive digital content in the palm of their hands.Create your app with us

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iPAd Brochure App

iPad Brochure Apps

We know printed brochures are an important marketing tool for any business. That’s why we’re not asking you to stop printing brochures. We’re asking you to consider how your customers really want to engage with your brand. An iPad brochure app is your opportunity to be ahead of the curve and offer your customers a superior experience. Give them more in-depth content, give them an aesthetically beautiful way of reading your marketing material and offer them a way of staying interested with engaging interactivity. An iPad brochure app extends and enhances the brochure experience by including video content, 360° product views, pinch and zoom images and emotive ways of exploring your brand. Combine the beauty of print with the imagination of the iPad.


It’s important to remember that an iPad brochure app isn’t just a benefit to your customers. There’s also a huge benefit to you and your business. An iPad brochure app is a one off design cost. Unlike print, you don’t have to pay for every iPad brochure app that is delivered to customers. Again, we’re not asking you to stop printing brochures. We’re asking you to consider how much you could save by printing less brochures, posting less brochures and instead offering a downloadable iPad brochure app. You will also increase the affinity your customers have to your brand by pleasing them, engaging with them and offering them a different brochure experience than others in your market. By 2015 more people will own an iPad than a laptop. This generation expects to be marketed to via their iPad. Don’t disappoint them.


An iPad brochure app isn’t a gimmick. It’s the best way for you to engage with your customers and really impress them. If you have been considering an iPad brochure app, now is the time to take that bold step and do it. Don’t wait until everyone else has done it because then you’ll just be following suit. It’s like when websites became popular. Nobody had one, it was successful and then everyone had one. Then the iPhone was released and mobile websites became a necessity. Now, 85% of iPad users prefer to use an app than a mobile website. Get a head start on everyone else in your market and offer your customers a better brochure experience. iPad brochure apps aren’t just a gimmick. They’re the best marketing tool you’ll ever own.

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