iPhone app development

A Lesson in Design

We built the Classroom Carrots iOS app to evolve the already successful web app. The main thing we set out to achieve was to design a mobile version of the web app, retain the fun, engaging feel and develop separate interfaces for iPhone and iPad.

Engaging For All Pupils

As an iPhone app developers, our key ambition is making sure the app interface is both suitable and enjoyable for everyone that either user or interacts with it. That means we made an app that is useful and intuitive for teachers and fun and engaging for children.

A Rewarding Experience

The design and the functionality of the app mean that it’s now easier than ever for teachers to encourage good behaviour in a way that children willingly engage. For teachers, children and Classroom Carrots this evolutionary iOS app is the start of a new term.View in App Store

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iPhone app development

A* for Simplicity

As an expert in iPhone app development we need make sure we do the simple things well. That’s why we made sure teachers can log in to the app with ease using their existing account or sign up in one step using the app interface.

A Class Above

The children’s buy in is reinforced by carrying over their icons and avatars from the web app into the iOS app. In addition, rewards that are given to children in class on the app are also logged on the web app.

All Encompassing

Every reward the children are given is managed through an individual interface. That means the teachers can use the app to simply and effectively encourage good behaviour in the whole class and individual children.View in App Store

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